7 Best Music Toys For Baby For Your Next Shopping

Best Music Toys For Baby

Do you want to cultivate your baby’s love for music early on in their life? You’re not the only parent with that goal. Who wouldn’t want their baby to be musically inclined, especially if you see them respond positively to music at their young age? This is why you’ll also find many parents spending hours pondering what the best music toys for baby they should buy.

If you’re looking for the best musical toys for your baby to fill your cart, here are some items to consider:

A hand holding a babyXylophone As One Of The Best Music Toys For Baby
Xylophone As One Of The Best Music Toys For Baby

1. Oval Xylophone

One thing you need to know about babies is that they love music and banging on things, so Oval Xylophone from Plan Toys is perfect for them. It also has bright and colorful keys that produce different sounds when hit by an accompanying mallet. Playing with the xylophone will teach your kids about cause and effect – when they hit the instrument, it makes a sound. It will also improve their motor skills as it encourages more banging and other movements.

2. Musical Bunny

Plush toy manufacturer, Sigikid, embedded classical music in their Musical Bunny. The music will play if you pull a string. This toy will bathe your baby’s room with music as well as lots of cuddles, thanks to its soft brown fur and adorable long ears.

Musical Bunny can help your baby relax, rest, stay calm, and sleep. It can serve as their source of comfort, especially when the classical lullaby starts to play. It does not require batteries and can be machine washed once the music box is removed.

3. My 1st Birthday Band

Let your child explore various musical instruments, including rattle, maraca, bells, rainbow shaker, and sea drum. They can jingle, shake, and dance to their own music as they play with one of the best music toys for baby from EduShape.

These percussion instruments are for babies 1-year old and up. They can improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while encouraging them to make music.

4. Mozart Magic Cube

This musical toy from Munchkin Inc. may be the first toy to introduce your baby to orchestra music. It is a light-up ball that produces the sound of five instruments every time your baby touches it. With one press of a button, you’ll have an orchestra right in your baby’s nursery room. This toy has eight Mozart compositions so your baby will become familiar with one of the great classical music composers of all time.

5. Learn And Groove Musical Table

This is one of the best music toys for baby that will teach them about colors, letters, and numbers through sounds. Your baby can enjoy this LeapFrog toy’s learning and music modes. It has 70 songs, a mini keyboard, some learning responses, buttons for shapes, and more. If you want to encourage your baby to do floor play, you can remove the legs from the table. Once they’re more capable of standing up, you can put the legs back on.

6. Learn and Groove Animal Sounds Guitar

This is another toy from LeapFrog that will teach your kids different animal sounds and numbers as they strum the guitar or spin the wheel. The fret button also makes the toy produce silly sounds and impressive guitar riffs. If you want your kids to learn how to count in Spanish and English, this toy should help achieve that goal.

Keyboard As Best Music Toys For Baby
Keyboard As Best Music Toys For Baby

7. Meowsic Keyboard

If you want your baby to be familiar with the piano, this keyboard toy from B. Toys is a good choice. It has a fun cat-shaped body hugging the keyboard that plays various sounds and beats. It also records things that your child plays and even encourages kids to sing along using its microphone.


Introduce your kids to the beauty of music and all the benefits that come with listening to one. Make that introduction even more wonderful using some of the best musical toys in the market.

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