Baby Music Class In Ballanye- Things To Know

baby music class ballanye

The Baby Music Class is a one-of-a-kind ballet training experience that will take your newborn child through an amazing musical journey. The class is designed to educate and bring up an infant’s fundamental skills at the same time. From their very first days, little ones are introduced to music through musical instruments such as the piano, violin, flute, and many more. In this exciting program, they will learn the basics of sight reading, movement, rhythm, and also the appreciation for melody.

An Overview

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This innovative program utilizes some of the world’s most talented young dancers and musicians, allowing the babies to interact with world-class choreographers and performance artists as well. The Baby Music Class teaches these children the basics of music while immersing them in an exciting dance-theater experience that engages all of their senses. The class features an inspiring collection of musical numbers from world-famous dancers such as Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, and Macy Gray. The songs used are classics from all genres and eras. You can expect to take part in a fun musical experience like never before!

This is a wonderful way to develop the hand-eye coordination of your baby as well. While you’re engaging in the hands-on activity, you are building up his visual and auditory skills at the same time. Babies respond wonderfully to music, so this is a perfect pairing for newborn development. You and your baby are working hand-in-hand to develop the skills he will need to be able to recognize and catch words, phrases, and even sounds coming your way. And West assures you that while this is going on, he is developing his fine motor skills, too!

Availability Of Infants

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The Baby Music Class is available for infants ages six months old and up, but it doesn’t matter when you take your baby there. The only thing that matters is that your baby has fun! The class is taught by award-winning performer and choreographer Kanye West. That means your baby gets an energetic performance that gets him out of his seat and active at the same time.

There are three different classes taught at the Baby Music Class. The Special Effects class features favorites like “Blue Suede Sky”, “I Feel Fantastic”, and “Euphoria”. The Blues Class teaches baby to play simple rhythm and blues music. This includes songs like “Good Boy, Bad Boy, Good Driver”, and “Blues In The Sky”. The Funeral Class will teach baby to perform dramatic dance numbers. These include songs like “I’m a Believer”, and “casting Love”.

Opportunity To Move Up

Once your baby completes his first class, he gets the opportunity to move up to the Big Kids Class, which allows for larger, more active lessons. Students take turns teaching the class. Kanye West is in charge of choosing the students who will participate, and there is a grace period to let the new students get to know each other. This class will get your baby moving around and socializing with others!

At the end of the Baby Music Class, you get to take a field trip to see the stars at the Hollywood Studios Theme Park. There are many shows and activities to participate in while you are on your trip. You can go rollerblading, go on a treasure hunt, go to the park for a picnic, or have your photo taken with Marilyn Monroe. There is so much to do in this exciting new class! Your baby has nothing to lose!


There are two ways to purchase a Baby Music Class Ball. You can either purchase it at Coney Island or purchase it online. Make sure to purchase yours early, so you can pick it up when your baby is due. You can also sign up for an autograph ball when you purchase it online!

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