Best Lullaby Baby Bedtime Music That You Can Play

lullaby baby bedtime music

Singing lullabies to a baby is the best way to calm the baby down, soothe him, and make him fall asleep. In fact, singing a lullaby or humming is an essential part of the bedtime routine of the baby. This ensures that the baby knows that it is sleep time and falls asleep without creating a fuss. This is also a great way to bond with the baby and then you can sing these lullabies together when the baby grows up.

If you are worried that your voice is not great, do not worry as the child is not judging. You can sing in your natural voice and the baby will still feel calm and will fall asleep to the soothing sound. Also, you can play the music or the videos so that you can rest your voice and still make the baby fall asleep. We have a list of lullaby baby bedtime music that you can sing and play. This lullaby baby bedtime music is a great way to put the baby to a sound sleep.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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This is the most widely sung lullaby in the world and everyone has heard this a few times in their life if not more. It is a soothing lullaby that will keep your baby calm and help him fall asleep quickly. The depiction of stars, universe,and the moon is fascinating for the baby.

As the baby grows older, you can teach him the hand movements that go along the song. This is one of the easiest lullabies that you can sing and it makes the baby content while they are in the process of falling asleep.

All The Pretty Little Horses

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This is also one of the best lullabies that you can sing to your baby. This lullaby promises the baby that he will have all the pretty little horses once he wakes up which is very cute.

You will find this song on the internet and many famous music artists have sung versions of this lullaby. It is beautifully haunting and the lyrics are so melodious. You might feel yourself getting calmed when you are singing the song to your baby.

When You Wish Upon A Star

This soothing song appears in the movie Pinocchio and has become a great lullaby to make your baby fall asleep. It is one of the best songs that Disney has ever produced and it has also won an award. The lyrics are very simple and you can learn them quickly. The lullaby tells the baby to dream big, reaching for the stars, and fulfilling his dreams. This is one of the best lullabies that you can sing to your baby so that he calms down and lays down peacefully.


These are the best lullaby baby bedtime music that you can make your baby listen to while he is falling asleep. All this music is very soothing and makes the bay fall asleep instantly. It is also great for the baby as it helps the baby know new sounds and learn more words. Also, it allows the baby to get used to music and learn all these when they grow up so that they can sing them with you.

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