Best Toddler Activities Near Me

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A toddler is a child at the age of 1-2 years who are learning to walk or just started walking. Some may set the age range between 1-4. It is the age where your child begins to learn from you and the surrounding. Your activities will be completely reflected by your child’s behavior. It is you who can shape your child’s behavior and character by actively involving them. At this stage of age, your toddler can easily learn the language you speak, can increase their problem-solving skills, and discover things around them.

Importance of Toddler Activities

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All children need to be safe and healthy starting from a young age. Toddlers are fond of playing and so one can utilize this to improve their mental and physical health. Allowing toddlers to play and giving them different tasks and activities will let them learn and explore different things. Toddler activity can help them in

  • Both physical growth and mental development.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • Strengthens bones, muscles, and joints.
  • Healthy weight gain.
  • Improved concentration and memory power.

Sticker Line Up

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  • Unroll a long section of the paper and draw some curly, loopy, and zig-zag lines.
  • Ask your toddler to trace the line using a sticker.
  • Give your child the idea of doing this activity and see to your child’s working.
  • This activity can help your child learn the pinching technique, promote motor skills and bring coordination between eye and hand.
  • You can teach color recognition and patterning through this activity.

Erase the ABCs

  • This activity follows little learning and lots of fun. But setting up this activity is not easy.
  • Just take an erasable marker and write the alphabet in a messy order over a glass window.
  • Give your child an old paper towel.
  • Ask your child to find and erase the alphabet that you call upon.
  • This activity will increase your child’s concentration level and fast hearing capacity.

Foil Painting

  • It is a funny and easy activity. This can increase your child’s artistic ideas.
  • Give your child cotton buds as a paintbrush and motivate them to paint ideas in their mind and imagination.
  • This activity will give your child color mixing ability, promote motor skills, learn art and craft ideas, etc.

Household Object Puzzles

  • Take black card paper or chart paper.
  • Pick some flat objects in the home that should not be dangerous and hurt your child. Take safe objects.
  • Trace the outline of the object by placing them over the chart paper.
  • Ask your child to place the objects over the perfect shape matching.
  • This will be an interesting and funny activity for your child.
  • It can increase your child’s concentration ability and matching score.

Floating letters

It is the best and simple indoor activity. It is easy to make the arrangements for the activity. All you need is munchkin bath letters and a spatula.

  • Fill the sink with water.
  • Drop all the letters into the sink.
  • Call an alphabet and ask your child to pick it.
  • This activity is useful for you especially when you are working inside the kitchen.
  • Instead of letters, you can also use toys or something else.


Thus you can give your child different activities of your interest that can help them in developing both physically and mentally. As toddlers are just beginning to grow, a healthy and fit lifestyle is very much essential for their future health.

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