Finding the Best Infant And Toddler Toys For Your Little One

best baby toys

If you’re looking for the best baby toys, look no further! There are literally thousands of toys on the market today that claim to help your child develop important skills. However, not all of these toys are created equal. In fact, some toys can actually be harmful to your child. Below is a list of the top five toys that you absolutely should not have in your child’s room.

The Best Baby Toys For 3 Month Old And Over

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The best baby toys for that newborn age range will focus on three items: eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and sensory development. The best toys for toddlers and babies will help your baby understand where his eyes belong, how to align them, and how to move his head. Strengthen his muscles and help him learn to correctly reach, grasp, and successfully pick up small objects.

The Best Baby Toys For Toddlers and Babies. A great favorite among toddlers and babies is a colorful toy mirror. While it might seem silly to choose a mirror as the best baby toys, a mirror reflects what’s going on around him, just like a real eye. It also has many other uses such as learning where he needs to place his hands to make certain actions successful, helping him see in the dark, distinguishing colors and shapes, and many more.

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The Best Baby Toys For 9 Month Olds and Over. When it comes to 9 month old babies and toddlers, there really aren’t any “best baby toys”. Babies tend to crawl when they learn to walk, and then stand when they’ve developed a bit more leg power. When they start standing, they’ll often do so holding on to something, like a piece of furniture, or something they’ve clutched to their chest with both hands. So you can see how some toys are more fun for them to hold onto than others. For these children, the classic rocking horse is the one toy they absolutely have to have!

The Best Baby Toys For 0-6 Months and Older Kids. With the growing independence of toddlers and babies, the most common childhood toy for children below six months is a musical toy or doll. Babies and toddlers love to sing, clap, and play with their favorite music toy as they learn to communicate, develop social skills, and acquire new languages. Rocking horses, cars, dolls, and even a simple musical pretend game are perfect options for these kids.

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The Best Baby Toys For Older Children and Teens. As teens and older children grow into teenagers, they tend to outgrow toys that were considered best baby toys a few years ago, but there are still plenty that are perfect for use by teens and adults. Music toys, rocking horses, and soft books are great options for teens, while educational toys or dolls are perfect choices for older girls and boys. Dummy figures and puppets are also popular options for toddlers and older kids.

Final Words

Fisher-Price is one of the most well-known names in the industry of toys for babies and toddlers. Their line of baby products include a wide variety of choices, including motorized play toys and safe for babies to sleep with at night, cribs, and high chairs. Some of their best infant and toddler products include the Baby Einstein collection, featuring fun sounds, interactive play, and educational games, as well as the Baby Trend collection that features ride-on toys and plush animals.

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