What Are The Benefits Of Baby Classical Music Show For Your Baby

baby classical music show

Does your baby or toddler love to listen to a baby classical music show? If he or she does, this article is for you. In this article we are going to tell you a few reasons why you should never expose your baby to live baby classical music without any context. This includes the parent’s side of the story. In addition we are going to talk about the baby’s perspective.

Why Do Toddlers Like A Baby Classical Music Show?

Classical Music

When my son was about 4 months old I listened to one of his favorite music composers, Alexander Borodin. At that time he just started to take a real interest in classical music and other cultures around the world. He would sit with us for hours and enjoy every second of it. So, when he would watch a baby classical music show he would get excited at the same time. His excitement would start to show in his tone so we would have to be careful not to make him too excited because he might get a little bit over excited.

A few weeks later we were watching an episode of American Idol and during that show a competitor was actually dancing to a wonderful classical piece. My baby was fascinated by this and wanted to know more about what the song was about. We had to find out the classical music background to that song. I went to the library to look for information and when I got back home I realized that there was no information on that particular song. My baby had not only shown an interest in classical music but had also enjoyed it enough to want to know more about it.

Watch The Entire Performance With Baby

Classical Music

So as the evening wound down and we were walking home from the concert, we decided to play the exact recording of that classical music show. Now the mother of the infant was quite excited. She had been watching the entire performance and she really seemed to like it. I was happy for her because she truly deserved to see that and to know that her baby enjoyed it. So rather than trying to think of another way to entertain her, I decided to present her with one of her favorite music videos.

I presented her with the video of Mozart’s “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”. Now the baby’s first reaction was that it was too old for her. However, she looked at the video again and noticed that the colors and the images matched up to her memories of being there at that concert.

I asked her if she wanted to hear that song performed by the same musicians that performed it on American Idol. Her baby’s first reaction was no. I explained to her that she could see them performing on the American Idol program. I then presented her with the video of Mozart and his symphonies. My baby’s excitement over classical music was so strong that she wanted to hold both the Mozart music box and the symphony CD.

Reasons To Attend Children’s Concerts

Now that my baby is 2 years old, we are frequently invited to the children’s concerts. This has become a very special time for my family and me. I love being able to bring my baby to these concerts. It gives me a chance to introduce her to classical music, while getting her up close and personal with the artists that she knows and loves. I know that she looks at these acts as a way to connect with me and the things that have happened in her life.


As a parent, bringing your baby to a classical music show is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a parent. My baby looks at these acts as a way to connect with me and the things in our lives. This helps to strengthen her musical senses as well. And most important to all of us! Musicians bring joy to our lives!

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